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At Gefisco, we are fully aware that hiring a new employee implies complying with a series of obligations and labor regulations that can be complex. However, you have nothing to worry about, as our team will guide and assist you in all aspects related to human resources. Our goal is to ensure that you follow all the necessary procedures correctly and efficiently.
From the very first moment, we will provide you with the necessary advice to properly manage your new employee. We will guide you in obtaining the required documents, such as employment contracts, Social Security registrations and compliance with the associated tax obligations. We will take care of the corresponding administrative procedures, ensuring that everything is in order and that your company complies with current labor regulations.
We understand that human resources management can be complex and requires a comprehensive approach. That's why our team is always available to answer any questions you may have in this area. We will make sure to provide you with the necessary guidance on key issues such as salaries, schedules, vacations, job security and any other aspect related to personnel management.
Our experience and knowledge in human resources allow us to offer you a complete and reliable service. We will be at your side to provide you with the necessary support in all procedures related to hiring and personnel management. From the elaboration of labor contracts to the application of policies and regulations, our goal is to facilitate this process so that you can focus on growing your business.
We'll make sure we stay up to date on the latest regulations and best practices in human resources to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information. In addition, we will help you implement effective policies and procedures that foster a healthy and productive work environment.
In short, at Gefisco we offer you the necessary support to carry out all the procedures related to recruitment and personnel management. We will be at your disposal to answer your questions, provide you with guidance and ensure that you have a professional and reliable support in the area of human resources. Trust us to simplify and optimize the management of your team, allowing you to focus on the growth and success of your business.

Form 303 VAT

It is a consumption tax, but it is neutral for the businessman. This means that the Treasury will return to us what we pay in VAT to our suppliers and creditors and in turn, we will have to pay to the Treasury the VAT we collect from our customers. In the end, the tax result will be the difference between the VAT collected (called output VAT or accrued VAT) and the VAT paid (called input VAT).

If you have to pay, you can pay by direct debit, with an NRC at your bank, or request a payment by instalments and/or deferment.
You can only request a VAT refund in the fourth quarter, unless you are included in the SII (Immediate Supply of Information).
Modelo 202 Entrega a cuenta del IS

There are two options for calculating the amount payable on Form 202. The first is based on a percentage of the tax payable for the year n-2 for the payment of the first period or for the year n-1 for the payments of the second and third periods. The second option is based on the result of the current fiscal year.

If the tax liability results, payments will be made in the months of April, October and December.

Form 111 Labor withholdings

If you have employees and any withholding has been applied to their salaries, this form must be filed to pay such withholding to the tax authorities.

Form 115 Withholdings on rent

In the same way that in form 111 we pay to the Treasury the amounts collected for withholdings from our employees’ salaries, form 115 will be used to pay to the Treasury the amounts withheld for the rents we pay subject to withholding.

Form 349 Information return on intracommunity operations

In this form we declare all the operations (purchases and sales) that we have made to the countries of the European Union. It is a monthly declaration but for the great majority of the self-employed it has a quarterly character because it does not exceed the limits that oblige its monthly presentation.

Modelo 347

In February you will have to file form 347 which includes all those customers and suppliers to whom you have invoiced or who have invoiced you more than 3005.06 euros VAT included during the year.

Form 200 Corporate income tax

Unlike the IRPF in which more percentage is paid as the profit increases, the corporate tax is a general fixed percentage of 23% for the year 2023 and there is a reduced tax for the first two years of profit of the newly created will have to present this model and pay it in the month of July until the 25th.